How do parents deal with child abduction?

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Parents always tell their children not to talk to strangers, not to accept their gifts, and not to listen to them if they give a negative impression. Many of you will remember the word “stranger danger”, which refers to the threat that strangers may pose to you, but now, parents need to do more than that; They need to keep their children safe, not only from strangers, but also from people they know. Nowadays, with so many cases of child abduction, how to protect children and how to know the location of children all the time have become issues that every parent should think about.


Ways to protect your child from being abducted


According to the survey, the first interaction between the victim and the kidnapper took place a quarter mile away from the child’s home. Today, when the number of child abduction cases is very high, parents need to be very smart. As many parents have suggested, it is very important to take extra measures to protect children. Here are some ways parents need to ensure their children’s safety:


Keep personal information private


Personal information includes name, telephone number, address, family member name, school name of your child, friend name, social security number, etc. Sometimes, teenagers tend to disclose personal information to strangers without knowing it, that is, to anyone they meet in the doctor’s office or to anyone they talk to. This can be very dangerous. The safety rule is: never disclose personal information to strangers or people you feel uncomfortable with. Let your children know how to deal with the situation when someone asks them to provide personal information, and how they should politely refuse.


Make sure they meet the right people


You need to know and do some background checks on everyone who has close contact with your children, including their friends. Always pay attention to the people around you and the performance of your children around them. Teach children to interrupt you immediately when they are with you, if they think the people around them are unsafe. Children are more likely to be hurt or threatened by people they know than strangers. If someone tries to touch them inappropriately or make them feel uncomfortable, they should come and tell you immediately.


Keep an eye on them forever


It’s not enough to talk and guide them. You need to go deep into their lives to protect your teenagers from the hidden dangers around them. Nowadays, many parents use a cell phone locator to locate the whereabouts of their teenagers at any time. The Family Locator is a good idea to constantly monitor the location of teenagers, and it can keep your children safe and know their whereabouts at any time. If there is any emergency, they can contact you immediately. The “SOS feature” of Family Locator can provide great help in this respect. Children only need to click a button on their Family Locator, and parents will be immediately reminded of their location details. In many life-threatening situations or kidnappings, this may be a lifeline.


The Family Locator can add up to 5 family members to enter the family group, and each member of the family group can share his position in real time. Once an unexpected situation occurs, others can see it and inform the police immediately.


Final thoughts


Nothing is more precious than your children! Children mean the world to their parents; They made every effort to protect their safety. Discuss with them that not everyone they meet is evil or malicious, but if they feel threatened, they should immediately contact their parents or seek help from the surrounding police. Tell them to trust their intuition, but always support them for the sake of safety, because for parents, there should be no gap between their children and their safety! Install a Family Locator to locate children’s whereabouts at any time, so that every family member can feel at ease and everyone is very safe.