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GPS Cell Phone Tracker – Discover Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile is a GPS cell phone tracker that continues to gain wide popularity today among people who need know more about their child, partner, employee or anybody else. This product enables you to track a cell phone so that you will be aware of the phone activities that the person that you want to monitor has engaged in. Upon the installation of this software, it starts working automatically and this makes it easy to track phone activities that you intend to spy on, instantly.


Highster Mobile takes less than four minutes to install. Note that it offers several installation options and this includes typing a particular address into a web browser of your target phone, scanning your application’s QR code and transferring the application from the computer to the mobile phone through USB or Bluetooth connection.

One of the advantages with this gps cell phone tracker is that it is legal, undetectable and safe when spying on a partner, child or employee. The software offers excellent features and taking advantage of them is very easy. One of the advantages is that it is very cheap because you will not have to pay any ongoing costs.

One of the outstanding features is that you will be able to listen to a phone call from the target phone. When an outgoing or incoming call is initiated, a text message is sent to you as a notification of an event that has occurred. The text message features the phone number being received or dialed by your target phone. You can then dial in for you to listen to that conversation secretly.

The feature ensures that you are able to listen to both sides as they make the conversation. The target phone does not light up, vibrate or ring as you begin to listen. The connection continues until you or your target phone ends the conversation. It is also possible to record all conversations in addition to saving them to your email address or own phone so that you can playback later using your media player.


Call log viewing is useful in cell phone tracking as you try to find device especially when you have some suspicion. Most of the times outgoing calls and incoming call logs are deleted immediately following conversations. With the call log application, every outgoing and incoming call is captured as long it occurs on your target phone. The call logs are sent to the designated email address or cell phone and you can view them 24/7. You can then save the call logs in DOC, TXT, PDF and other formats for easy and fast storage.


gps cell phone trackerIf the target phone is GPS enabled, GPS tracking is available too. This reporting system updates the location of the phone after every 10 seconds. Therefore, how to track a cell phone is no longer a problem because you can track it to within a few feet of the exact location. You can keep track of the person using the target phone within at least two minutes of actual movement. During installation, you are required to create an account within your server. This account is the one that will allow you not only to log on but to also view the target phone’s location, 24/7. Every location is shown on a true map and in real-time.

Highster Mobile 3.0 enables you to spy on unlimited number of phones. It is also possible for you to make a following on multiple mobile phones. This product is compatible with Bluetooth, iphones, Windows mobile, Nokia, Symbian S60, Android, and Blackberry. It works with most of the smart phones. The fact that it records every activity in the target cell phone makes it convenient to the users.

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